1 December 2011
Šiaulių bankas signed the renewal of the agreement with the European Investment Fund on continuous granting of shared risk loans in the amount of EUR 20 million to Lithuanian small and medium-sized enterprises under JEREMIE initiative.

23 November 2011
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) expressed its confidence in Šiaulių bankas and confirmed its plans to continue its cooperation with the bank and to provide continuous support granting loans to small and medium-sized enterprises.

20 October 2011
Šiaulių bankas joined the ATM network of Ūkio bankas, Citadele bank, Nordea bank and Danske bank.

12 October 2011
Šiaulių bankas launched the procedure of granting of microcredits under the new European microfinancing facility Progress Microfinance.

4 August 2011 
The amended Statute of AB Šiaulių bankas with an increased authorised capital in the amount of LTL 234,857,533 (EUR 68,019,443) was registered in the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania.

5 July 2011
A new outlet of Šiaulių bankas was opened in a shopping and leisure centre Akropolis in Klaipėda.

1 July 2011
Šiaulių bankas and a limited partnership Business Angels Fund I signed a cooperation agreement which provided for new financing services to SMEs as well as forms of business assistance.

28 June 2011
European Investment Fund and Šiaulių bankas signed the first agreement under the Progress Microfinance aimed at supporting micro-enterprises in Lithuania. EUR 5 million was allocated for crediting of micro-enterprises in Lithuania.

8 June 2011
EIF and Šiaulių bankas signed a guarantee agreement to finance small and medium-sized enterprises for EUR 25 million.

5 April 2011
Šiauliai Industrialists’ Association awarded Šiaulių bankas for the promotion of Šiauliai city.

1 February 2011
Audrius Žiugžda appointed AB Šiaulių bankas Chief Executive Officer.

25 January 2011
Customer service branch was opened in supermarket Liepa in Klaipėda.