On December 23
Being the first partner of the European Investment Bank in the country in granting preferential loans for renovation  the Bank announced that it contributed EUR 20 million of own funds which would be distributed through the JESSICA holding fund. 

On 17 December
The Bank introduced a mobile apps designed for intelligent devices which allows managing funds in the bank's accounts, getting familiar with customer service network and bank's news as well as taking advantage of other relevant services.

On 10 December
In cooperation with the life insurance company PZU Lietuva UAB all the private customers who acquired payment cards from the Bank were insured against accidents worldwide including Lithuania 24 hours per day free of charge.

On 12 November
The Bank joined the educational social campaign initiated by the Bank of Lithuania during which the residents were introduced to the basic principles of how to check whether the euro banknotes are original. 

On 30 October
The Bank refused its intention to sell the Ūkio banko lizingas UAB and life insurance company Bonum Publicum UAB which previously had taken over from the failed Ūkio bankas and up to now have been listed as held for sale and decided to classify them as consolidated subsidiary companies. 

In September
In cooperation with the Bank of Lithuania, the Bank arranged seminars on preparation for the euro adoption in Lithuania since 01 January 2015 for business people from Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda.

In September
The international business and finance magazine Global Finance announced the Bank as the safest bank in Lithuania'2014 in the country-by-country category.

On 28 August
The Bank completed the integration process of two banks' IT systems after the transaction of takeover of part of Ūkio bankas' assets and liabilities in 2013 - all accounting processes related to the taken over assets and liabilities were transferred to the Bank' s system.

In August
The German bank Commerzbank has awarded the Bank with Straight-Through Processing Award 2013 for a fully automated and top quality performance of international transactions for the third year in turn. 

On 18 August
The Bank joined a Memorandum of Good Business Practice during the the Adoption of the Euro by which it confirmed its obligation to act in compliance with the memorandum principles during the adoption of euro in Lithuania.

In July
The donations boxes have been placed in 66 units of the Bank in cooperation with the public undertaking Projects of Goodwill.

On 17 July
The Bank signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Good Practice during the Preparation for the Adoption of the Euro. 

On 30 June
The Bank and Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service signed two collaboration agreements.

On 23 June
Nominal scholarship of the Bank was granted to one more student of the Vytautas Magnus University, future master in Economics and Management, for his academic achievements.

On 14 April
A new Bank's customer service point opened in already 39th town of Lithuania - in Šilalė.

On March 31
Provision of the mobile e-signature service was started.

On 28 March
A resolution to increase the bank's authorized capital by LTL 20 million from the bank's own funds and to distribute the newly issued shares among the shareholders free of charge was passed during the General meeting of shareholders of the Bank.

On 19 March
A scholarship of the Bank for academic achievements and constant striving for improvement in the field of studies was granted to the first year master student of the Marketing and International Commerce studies at the VMU Faculty of Economics and Management.

On 30 January
The companies that achieved the best results cooperating with the investors as well as the most active market participants were announced and honoured during the Baltic Market Awards arranged by NASDAQ OMX in Vilnius, Tallinn and Riga. Šiaulių bankas received a nomination of The Challenge of the Year.