At the end of December the Bank's employees granted a hundred modern digital TV sets to three Lithuanian public charity and aid organizations - Caritas, Save the Children and the Lithuanian Samaritan community. TV sets were distributed among the centres and units of these organizations as well as to the deprived living in 20 locations throughout Lithuania.

On 13 December
As alternative to the low deposit interest environment the Bank introduced a fixed-term deposit whose interest rate is linked to financial assets - the agricultural raw material price indices.

On 08 December
The Banker issued by Great Britain’s daily newspaper The Financial Times announced the Bank as the Best Bank in Lithuania 2016. This is the third award of the prestigious business magazine granted to the Bank.

On 05 December
The Bank as the social partner of the Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) granted a nominal scholarship to a student of the Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) for the eight time in a row.

On 02 December
It was announced that the Bank signed the first loan agreement with the safe production company Seifuva under the new innovative business facility InnovFin . EUR 689 thousand were granted to the company for investments into advanced production system.

On 30 November
Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Bank Donatas Savickas presented the Bank's activities and prospects during the meeting between investors and CEOs of the companies listed on the Nasdaq Vilnius Stock Exchange.

On 30 November
The Bank announced about the changes related to the provided services and fees. Since 12 December the Bank's private customers were provided with the possibility to economically and conveniently use of the basic banking services subscribing to one of the following service plans which met their needs at most: Modern, Maximum,Traditional with a discount For Loyal or For Seniors or a free plan For the Youth. Since that date private and corporate customers can also order security programme to any payment card issued by the Bank which is useful if the card is lost.

On 11 November
The Bank and one of the largest consumer leasing companies SB Lizingas introduced a new MasterCard card which allows convenient purchase of goods and services on a lease.

On 10 November
In the traditional competition Car of the Year the Bank as the competition partner announced about its second nomination The Dream Comes True with 10 cars competing against each other.

On 28 October
The Bank and MasterCard, its strategic partner in issuance of payment cards and provision of card-related services, invited the cardholders to know the world and enjoy experiences with the programme Priceless Cities.

On 29 September
The European Investment Fund and the Bank signed an agreement to enhance access to finance to innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in Lithuania. This transaction benefits from the support of the European Fund for Strategic Investments, the heart of the Investment Plan for Europe.

On 15 September
The Bank had been selected among top ten European companies in European Business Awards claiming for The ELITE Award for Growth Strategy of the Year.

On 07 September
The Bank received a special certificate For introduction of employees’ mutual service quality and performance assessment system at the National Responsible Business Awards arranged by Social Security and Labour Ministry.

On 5 September
The Bank launched its new structural saving facility, i.e. a fixed-term deposit with additional interest linked to financial assets - to the oil sector companies' share rates. The deposit of such type was distributed for the period of one month.

On 31 August
The Banks informed on resuming the car leasing terms to natural persons, and providing an opportunity to its clients acquire a car by lease without a down payment.

On 16 August
The Bank supplemented a range of its services with the life risk insurance service Safe Family which at favourable terms is rendered to the Bank's clients by the life insurance company Bonum Publicum UAB.

On 28 July
Six new cash accepting ATMs were installed in the major cities of Lithuania as a result of the ATM network update, thus,giving even more self-service options to the Bank's clients.

On 16 June
Moody’s Investors Service LTD announced the better ratings of the Bank: the long-term deposit rating improved from to Ba1 from Ba2, the rating outlook was stable.

On 27 May
The Bank signed a cooperation agreement with the European Investment Bank (EIB) under which EUR 80 million were additionally contributed to the multi-apartment building renovation programme (EUR 40 million from the Bank's funds and EUR 40 million from the EIB's funds).

On 26 May
The amended Charter of the Bank with the authorized capital increased up to EUR 109 471 658.33  was registered at the the Registry of Legal Entities. The Bank's authorized capital was increased in accordance with the resolution of the Ordinary Meeting of Shareholders held on 30 March 2016.

Between 16 May and 18 September
The Bank invited its private customers to take advantage of the exclusive facility A Credit of Opportunities.

From 12 May
The clients of the on-line banking system SB Linija were provided with an extra- service allowing to trade in securities in the Baltic markets.

On 09 May
Following the resolution of the Director of the Supervisory Service of the Bank of Lithuania Darius Šulnis and Martynas Česnavičius were allowed to become the members of the Supervisory Council of the Bank. The members of the Supervisory Council were elected for the new tenure during the General meeting of shareholders held on 30 March 2016.

On 26 April
The Bank's Board passed a resolution to start the liquidation process of the  subsidiaries Investicinio Turto Valdymas UAB and Trade Project UAB directly controlled by the Bank and  Žalgirio Sporto Arena UAB indirectly controlled by the Bank.

On 22 April
The Bank signed an amendment to the cooperation agreement with the European Investment Bank and a pre-financing agreement under which the Bank acquired a right to assign 30 million euros from its own funds to finance modernization projects.

On 19 April
It was announced that the General meeting of shareholders held on 30 March 2016 approved allocation of profit of the Bank which included payment of dividends.

On 30 March
A resolution to increase the Bank's authorized capital by 18.2 million euros from the Bank's retained earnings was passed during the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Bank. After the share issue the authorized capital of the Bank grew up to 109.5 million euros.

On 21 March
The magazine Global Finance selected top banking performers in emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe for the twenty-third year and recognized the Bank as the best bank in Lithuania.

On February 23
It was announced that in order to increase on-line payment security the clients would have to sign some of the transaction on the on-line banking system SB Linija with an additional password sent by SMS.

On January 29
In order to ensure the higher security of electronic settlement transactions, the Bank provided the possibility to register payment cards on the secure on-line payment programme MasterCard SecureCode.

On January 25
It was announced that big companies may receive the loans issued by the Bank with the guarantees provided by Investment and Business Guarantees (INVEGA).

On January 11
The Bank announced about a new e-invoice service which replaced a direct debit service previously rendered by the Bank which failed complying the requirements set to the payment orders in euros in the SEPA environment.

From 01 January 
The range of financing services provided by the Bank encompasses leasing services with respect to vehicles and other large property rendered to private and corporate customers previously provided by Šiaulių Banko Lizingas UAB patronized by the Bank.

The Bank has started the year 2016 successfully implementing all changes associated with accession to the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) allowing the clients in Lithuania as well as in other member states belonging to the SEPA to transfer the funds in euros in unified formats, scope of information and in compliance with the same regulations.