On 9 January

The Bank announced about a new on-line option for private customers having the agreements with the life insurance company Bonum Publicum UAB patronized by the Bank allowing to conveniently review insurance agreement and execute other transactions via on-line banking system SB Linija.

On 11 January

The final round of the Year Prestigious European Business Awards started  where the Bank among the companies was claiming for The ELITE Award for Growth Strategy of the Year.

On 16 January 

It was announced that the Bank and the European Investment Fund (EIF) signed a loan agreement under which  EUR 25 million would be provided to small and medium-sized enterprises and small mid-caps in Lithuania.

On 30 January

The Bank announced that its  private customers were provided with the possibility to economically and conveniently use of the basic banking services subscribing to one of the following service plans which met their needs at most: Modern, Maximum,Traditional with a discount  For Loyal or For Seniors or a free plan For the Youth.

At the end of January

The Bank took the second place in the nomination Member of the Year in the Baltic Market Awards annually arranged by Nasdaq.

On 1 February

The Bank's private customers can choose a basic account service for a monthly fee with a 50 per cent discount applicable to the socially supported people.

On 3 February 

The results of the survey conducted by company Dive Lietuva (Slapto pirkėjo tyrimai UAB) indicated that the Bank's general customer satisfaction indicator growing  for a few recent years reached 95.7  per cent. This is the second best result among all 7 banks operating in Lithuania.

On 6 February

The holders of MasterCard payment cards issued by the Bank were offered to subscribe to the securities programme assuring additional protection to money on the card account.

On 13 February

It was announced that the prestigious Great Britain's magazine Global Banking & Finance Review  recognized the Bank as the Best SME bank in Lithuania 2016.

On 28 February

The announced Bank's annual results reflect continuous development and sustainable growth with the biggest ever profit earned in the history of the Bank.

On 1 March

Introducing service plans for  business the Bank offered a new pricing to daily banking services to its corporate customers. These plans for business stand out in the markets for their very competitive pricing and are adjusted to the needs of companies by their size.

On 16 March

It was announced that the Bank signed the agreement with the European Investment Bank (EIB) regarding new aids to the multi-apartment building renovation programme. It is planned that 90 million euros from Jessica II funds , 60 million of which is contributed by the Bank will assist to achieve higher energy consumption standards for no less than 9 thousand  apartments.

On 20 March

The Bank invites its private clients to take advantage of the exceptional financing option The Credit of Opportunities consisting of three ways to borrow: a consumer credit of the Bank or a consumer credit of SB Lizingas,  MasterCard Gold credit card with a credit limit or SB Lizingas payment card and car leasing of the Bank.

On 21 March

International magazine Global Finance selected top banking performers in emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe  and recognized the Bank as the best bank in Lithuania.

On 24 March

The Bank informed on amendments to payment procedures which would becomes effective since April 2017.

At the end of March  

During the Europe's Money Week dedicated to the children's financial education the Bank published funny  educational video series about the history of Lithuanian money on its  Facebook and Youtube accounts.

On 30 March

Annual information for 2016 consisting  of the audited financial statements of the Bank and the Group, the independent auditor's report  and  the consolidated annual report was published.

During the meeting of the Bank's shareholders held on 30 March

The shareholders approved the Board's proposal to increase the authorized capital by 21.9 million euros issuing 75.5 million of ordinary registered shares with 0.29 euro nominal value each from the Bank own funds.

On 3 April

Non-contact payment cards are issued to customers of Šiaulių bankas, which can be used to pay for goods and services without entering a PIN code when the amount of payment does not reach 10 euros.

On 19 April

In order to encourage residents to stimulate use of the card, Šiaulių bankas carries out the campaign Pay with Mastercard and go to Japan. During this campaign, clients who pay with MasterCard at least 5 times a week can win 10 weekly cash prizes or the grand prize, a week-long journey to Japan for two people.

On 26 April

Residents and companies purchasing assets by Šiaulių bankas leasing are provided with access to leasing with insurance service. When it is selected, insurance premiums do not increase throughout the insurance period and are paid together with leasing payments.

On 8 May

Šiaulių bankas group announces 2017 1st quarter performance results. The year started successfully: the bank group earned 13.4 million Eur, the bank 15.2 million Eur net profit, net service and commission income increased by 13 per cent; the return on value depreciation expense had a positive effect on the results.

On 9 May

In May, the month of family, in order to stimulate fostering of family values ​​and community, Šiaulių bankas invites residents to participate in the Family Desire Workshop moulding competition on its Facebook account.

On 23 May

Šiaulių bankas presents an updated basket of savings services: taking into account the need for saving during a certain period of life, the bank's savings measures are divided into three stages: accumulation, growth and employment of savings. Alongside, the bank offers the new deposit, the fixed term deposit PLIUS, which receives higher fixed annual interest than those prevailing in the market.

On 9 June

Jurgita Simanavičiūtė starts managing Šiaulių bankas Personnel Department. The new director of this department has 12 years of experience in the field of human resources. She gained it starting in 2007 in Švyturys-Utenos alus UAB belonging to Carlsberg Group, where she was working as Human Resources Director in recent years.

On 14 June

Vytautas Sinius, Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių Bankas, presents the activities of the bank in a meeting with investors of the companies listed on the stock exchange of the traditional Nasdaq Baltic Market.

On 21 June

After Šiaulių bankas and Investicijų ir verslo garantijos UAB (Invega) signed two new contracts for portfolio guarantees financed by the European Regional Development Fund, Šiaulių bankas invites small and medium-sized enterprises to apply for credit and leasing with Invega portfolio guarantee.