Projects coordinated since 2017-11-01


3 per cent fixed interest rate shall apply in the first five years of the loan, Bank's margin of 3 per cent plus 6 months EURIBOR (negative EURIBOR will be treated as 0) - for the remaining fifteen years.

Loan maturity

Up to 20 years

Loan purpose

Payment for construction works

State support

Up to 30 per cent For measures to increase energy efficiency set by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania

Additional state support

up to 10 per cent of the investment is compensated when the renovation (modernization) project includes installation of a separate or modernisation of existing non-automated heating point in the multi-apartment house, installation of balancing valves on the stands and (or) the heating system is rearranged or replaced by installing individual heat metering devices or sensor system and (or) thermostatic valves in apartments or other premises.

Credit Recipient

Project Administrator * one who signs a loan agreement on his behalf acting for the benefit of the residents.

Grace period

Loan or loan and interest may be subject to 24 month grace period after the disbursement of the first portion of the loan.

Disbursement of the Credit

Loan funds shall be paid directly to contractors for finished works.


Fees on document analysis, credit administration, obligations, contractual terms and early repayment shall not apply.

Credit currency

Loans shall be issued in euros.

Credit repayment approach

Credit is repaid in a linear annuity method - the instalment is reducing each months.

Early repayment of the credit

Inhabitants may repay the credit or its portion prior to the set maturity. This shall not be subject to any extra charge or penalties.

* Project Administrator - administrator of implementation of municipality programme or manager of the objects of common use of the multi-apartment house.