INVEGA guarantees


Šiaulių Bankas is the first financial institution in Lithuania that started collaborating with INVEGA Guarantee Fund. Assessing the importance of services rendered by INVEGA for development and vitality of your business we suggest taking advantage of  its benefits.

INVEGA guarantees the repayment to the credit institutions of the first loan instalment of up to 80% of the amount of principal in case of all loans.  Repayment of the remaining not guaranteed loan amount to the bank is guaranteed through collateral offered by a businessman mortgaging property acquired from loan funds.


Small and Medium-sized Business Entity (SME) applies with a bank or any other credit institution  and negotiates on loan conditions.  A credit institution, taking a decision to grant a credit, assesses the adequacy of security provided for a loan.  If the security is insufficient, the bank applies with INVEGA for issuing a guarantee and submits required documents.


INVEGA issues guarantees for loans aimed at:

  • tangible investments – purchase, construction, repairs or reconstruction of fixed assets;
  • intangible investments – technology takeover acquiring patents, licenses or other technical know-how not subject to patenting;
  • working capital;
  • refinancing of investments from enterprise funds (no earlier than within last 3 months before the date of receipt and registration of the guarantee application).  In such case the guarantee application must be accompanied by documents supporting expenses and payment.


If a business entity is operating for 3 years and longer, maximum guarantee amount may be EUR 1 448 100.  If several guarantees are obtained, their balance may not exceed EUR 1 448 100. Guarantee may account for 30-80% of loan amount.
If a business entity is operating for less than 3 years, maximum guarantee amount is EUR 579 240, and when several guarantees are obtained, their balance may not exceed EUR 579 240.

Leasing guarantees

If a company intends to acquire new (unused) manufacturing equipment and/or new (unused) installations through financial lease (leasing), INVEGA can provide a leasing guarantee to a financial lease company (leasing company) that finances the purchase of equipment. 

Key conditions for receiving a leasing guarantee:

The amount of the leasing guarantee should not exceed 70% of the difference between the price of the leased assets and the initial payment; also, it should not exceed 60% of the price of the leased assets.

The amount of the leasing guarantee should not exceed EUR 1 448 100 or, in the case of a lessee who has operated for less than 3 years on the date of the submission of the application to INVEGA to issue a guarantee, should not exceed EUR 579 240.

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