Short-term credits

At Šiaulių bankas you can choose from several types of short-term credit. Select the type of credit that fits your business and goals best and we will take care of the money.

Credit lines
A credit line is used to boost your working capital, issue guarantees and letters of credit. It is an opportunity to use funds according to your needs until the repayment period expires and re-use them again and again after each repayment.

  • credit line term up to 2 years; 
  • credit granted in EUR, USD; 
  • interest applies on the actual loan balance; 
  • the choice of fixed or floating interest rate; 
  • interest paid on a monthly basis; 
  • loan repayment guaranteed by real estate and movable property.

Account credit
Account credit is an effective way of short-term crediting helping to balance cash flows of the company and meet the working capital needs. The bank’s clients are eligible to a short-term debit (negative) balance in their accounts within established limits. 

Account credit

  • credit granted in EUR;
  • fixed interest rate paid on a monthly basis; 
  • maximum limit – 30% of the average of the monthly income in the account; (not less than 6 month period is estimated);
  • maximum period – 1 month; (i.e. the period during which the account credit must be completely covered at least once); 
  • maximum term – up to 6 months.

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