Entities not registered in the Republic of Lithuania

In order to open a bank account, entities registered abroad have to submit the following documents:

  • a filled card of bank’s prescribed form with signatures and stamps;
  • a certificate of  legal entity's registration or extract from the country's Register of Legal Entities regarding company's registration - an original document or a copy/extract certified by the notary public ;
  • legal entity‘s documents of establishment (articles of association/charter/statue) with all accompanying amendments – an original or a copy/extract certified by notary public;
  • a document, i.e. an order, resolution, minutes of the meeting certifying the appointment / election of the legal entity’s head or a certificate/its extract from the  Register of Legal Entities (RLE) - an original or a copy/extract certified by the notary public.
  • if a person authorized by the legal entity's head addresses the bank, additionally he has to provide an original document or notary certified copy/extract of the authorization in a simple written form or in a notary  form to perform particular actions (e.g. to open a bank account, sign a bank's account agreement, fill signature sample cards, etc.) issued by the head of the legal entity or other management body (if the articles of association foresee a quantitative representation);
  • documents proving identity of the authorized persons - originals;
  • legal entity's stamp where the legal entity is required to have one.

Requirements to documents presented in a foreign language:

  • documents must be legalised at the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Republic of Lithuania or the Embassy. Where the foreign country, in which the company is registered, is signatory to the Hague Convention of 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents (www.urm.lt or www.hcch.net), the documents must be approved by the certificate regarding the origin of the documents issued by the competent authorities of the foreign state (APOSTILLE);
  • documents issued in the foreign states which have signed the agreement on legal aid and legal relationships in civil, family, and criminal matters with Lithuania are not required to be legalised;
  • where a company applying for bank account opening submits the documents in a foreign language, these need to be translated into Lithuanian. The translator’s signature must be approved by the stamp of the translation agency or a notary of the Republic of Lithuania where the translation is performed by a natural person in Lithuania. The original and translation documents must be stitched together.