Bank Link Service

Electronic trading is a safe, simple and quickly accessible non-cash settlement system on the Internet, where the Internet salespeople could provide their services and goods and the clients of SB linija are able to pay for the goods and services provided on the Internet shops.

Benefits of electronic trading:

  • The clients of Šiaulių bankas AB will find out about your Internet shop,
  • You shall simplify a process of purchase to your clients, arise their trust fostering them to pay safely for the goods and services via the Internet,
  • The electronic trading system uses reliable client recognition measures that ensure safety to the transactions performed via the Internet.
  • Money for goods or services shall reach you immediately after confirmation of the order.

Process of electronic trading: 

  • A client who is a user of the SB linija chooses goods or services in the Internet shop and indicates that shall use the settlement system of Šiaulių bankas AB.
  • There is an electronic trading system installed in the Internet shop portal which directs the client to the module of electronic trading settlement of Šiaulių bankas AB.
  • After connecting to SB linija the client is immediately provided with the filled payment order.
  • When the client confirms the payment order, the bank automatically informs the salesperson about the successful transfer of funds. In case the client terminates the payment  or there are no enough funds on the account, then the salesperson is immediately informed about default payment.

How to become a service user?
In order to use electronic trading service or to install it on the company’s Internet shop, please, dial tel. (8 700) 55 055 or send a query.