PLEASE NOTE! From 19 November 2017 the rules for submitting ISO 20022 XML message pain.001.001.03 will change.  It is mandatory to start using two new "Control Sum" <CtrlSum> components (in Group Header and Payment Information) and Number of Transactions <NbOfTxs> (in Group's Payment Information).

SEPA payment sample (effective from 19/11/2017)

4 steps to ensure smooth credit transfers from 19 November this year

Step 1. Evaluate whether you need to take active steps. Active steps are required if you use the service of data files import on the on-line banking system SB Linija.

Step 2. Identify the required changes in accounting systems. Evaluate the payment services used in the company (institution), technical interfaces with the bank and determine the necessary changes. ISO 20022 XML format messages used for payments will have to comply with the new rules. Major changes are available at our website.

Step 3. Contact IT specialists who supervise your accounting software. If you employ the internal IT specialists, recommend them to get familiar with the new rules for using ISO 20022 XML standard messages (version 2.5). The rules are published on the websites and If you use the external IT service providers, please coordinate the scope and terms of the changes.

Step 4. Actively follow Your company's readiness to update the ISO 20022 XML standard messages If you notice a delay in the ongoing changes, please contact the Bank's Contact Centre. We will provide information on how to ensure continuity of payments.

Companies sending payment orders to the on-line bank must use ISO 20022 XML format messages and can download account statements from the on-line bank to their accounting software. The format enables companies to automate delivery and processing of information, thus enhancing their performance.

The following payments can be imported with ISO 20022 XML file:

  • payment in any currency within the bank;
  • payment in euros in Lithuania and other banks registered in the EU;
  • Salary payments;
  • international payments.

ISO 20022 XML sample files (effective from 19/11/2017):


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