Debit MasterCard Business

The most suitable contactless Mastercard® card for daily business operations.

This payment card is one of the most popular international debit payment cards that can be used to pay not only at trading and service provision places but also in the on-line stores, book airline tickets, hotel rooms or rent a car.

It is an opportunity to use the funds for needs of the company more easily.

Benefits of Contactless Debit Mastercard Business

EASY.  Conctactless Debit Mastercard Business without PIN code confirmation can be used for settlements in shops or service rendering venues when the amount does not exceed the transaction amount set for the specific card reader.

FAST. Wishing to pay You have to touch your card on the reader marked with a symbol . When paying, please follow the instructions on the card reader. A payment will be approved when the green light flashes and the reader beeps.

SAFE. These payments are safe as they are subject to multiple layers of security. You may additionally order the security programme  which will provide the additional protections and compensation of losses if the card is lost, stolen or used illegally.

USEFUL. Paying with a contactless payment card abroad favourable exchange rates shall apply. The amount that can be settled  with a contactless card not entering the PIN code may vary in Lithuania and abroad.

Being a holder of the Debit MasterCard Business you will be able to

  • easily use the funds for company's needs and control them;
  • to change a number of transactions per day at your own discretion, thus limiting cash withdrawal at ATMs and settlement for goods;
  • pay for goods and services in all places marked with Mastercard brand in Lithuania and abroad;
  • place cash into the company's card  account through ATMs of Šiaulių Bankas network that accept cash or through terminals of Perlo Paslaugos UAB;
  • withdraw cash from ATMs of Šiaulių Bankas network, from any other bank's ATM in Lithuania or abroad  or other ATMs in Lithuania and abroad or through terminals of Perlo Paslaugos UAB;
  • change your payment card PIN code to another code through ATMs of Šiaulių Bankas network;
  • cancel payment card chip blocking (if it was blocked because of a wrong PIN code enter into a chip card reader) through ATMs of Šiaulių Bankas network.

Please note!

  • Card servicing fees applied to this card are lowest comparing to other payment cards.
  • A card account is opened and managed in compliance with the client's request in euross.
  • Paying with a payment card abroad favourable exchange rates shall apply.
  • Debit Mastercard Business payment cards are issued to heads and employees of companies and employees.
  • The payment card can be acquired at any customer service point of Šiaulių Bankas upon submission of the application and all necessary documents for opening a bank account (if the company has not yet opened an account). Payment card application can also be submitted via SB Linija.

Communities of the multi-apartment house owners can acquire business payment cards at any customer service point  of Šiaulių Bankas upon submission of company registration certificate and all documents required for opening an account or via SB Linija. Communities of the multi-apartment house owners wishing to order a business payment card have to provide the meeting minutes confirming that community decided to take this business card as well as to provide other required documents.