Security programme

Security programme serves for additional card protection and compensation of the client's losses if the client lost his payment card or the card was stolen from from him and / or illegally used as well as indemnification to the cardholder in accordance with the Security Programme Insurance Terms and Conditions. The Security programme shall apply to a particular card for which it has been ordered to.

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What is this programme for?

The Security programme is intended for all customers who have payment cards and want to feel safe making on-line transfers, paying in the trading venues and on-line, buying tickets to preferred events, losing or damaging car keys, causing damage to third parties, and in cases of lost or stolen cards.

What are its benefits?

Upon ordering the Security programme service the following benefits shall apply:

  • we will compensate the credit limit interest and  lost amount up to EUR 3000 within 1 (one) business day from the submission of claim regarding illegal card usage;
  • a new card of the same type shall be reissued free of charge if the card is lost or its data has been used illegally;
  • the Card's PIN code can be changed  free of charge at any ATM where this service is provided;
  • provides with insurance coverage when event tickets are cancelled due to illness;
  • you are insured in case of vehicle key loss;
  • personal civil liability insurance applies to you.

How to order?

The Security programme for a particular card can be order via  SB Linija, filling in the SP request on-line or in the Bank's units.

What is the price?

The Security programme per payment card shall be charged EUR 0.90 per month.

Worth knowing

  • The Security programme shall come into effect from the first day of the next month after submitting of the request and shall be valid for indefinite period of time unless the client or the bank terminated its validity.
  • For blocked cards (when the card is lost, stolen or suspended due to security) the fee is not debited - in this case, the Security Programme  the fee shall not apply  from the calendar month when the fee was charged.
  • The Client has a right to refuse using the Security programme at any time by informing the Bank 2 (two) business days in advance by submitting a written request in the Bank's unit or via the on-line banking system SB Linija.
  • The Client, incurring loss from the lost or stolen Card and /or its illegal usage, has to fill in the form of claim prepared by the Bank and to submit it in any Bank's unit or via on-line banking system SB Linija.
  • The Cardholder who has suffered an insurance event in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Security Program must submit a notice regarding the insurance compensation insurance company Baltic Underwriting Agency by calling +370 52 667799 or by e- mail:
  • For more informations on the Security programme see at Terms and Conditions for the Application of the Payment Card Security Programme.

Security programme insurance

The Card holder, whose payment card has the Security programme, shall be covered with the following insurance:

  • ticket cancellation insurance,
  • vehicle key loss insurance,
  • personal civil liability insurance.

    Insurance coverage is valid not only in Lithuania, but also worldwide.
Basic Security Programme Insurance Terms
Security programme insurance shall cover:
How to report about an insured event?
  1. Ticket cancellation insurance applies to cancellation of event tickets due to the insured person's illness.
  • The event ticket must be purchased using a card issued by Šiaulių Bankas or using on-line banking system SB Linija.
  • Illness - a sudden and unexpected deterioration in health, which results in the insured being hospitalized or assigned an outpatient treatment on the day of the event and the health disorder lasts for at least 7 days (including the day of the event), and the insured cannot attend the event.
  • The insurance premium is paid to one insured person only for one ticket purchased for the event, irrespective of the number of tickets purchased.
  1. Vehicle key loss insurance covers the cost of key and / or lock replacement or repairing  incurred due to their damage and loss at the moment of theft or robbery:
  •  applies for the holder of the vehicle key, which is the legal owner or controller of the vehicle;
  • vehicle keys are considered lost when signs of burglary, theft or robbery are proven.
  • vehicle keys are considered to be damaged when they are broken, damaged by water, fire or other destructive power, in the absence of the guilty party.
  • vehicle keys are considered stolen when the insured person immediately (but not later than within 24 hours) reports the theft to the police and receives documents  evidencing   theft / robbery from the police.
  1. Personal civil liability insurance applies to the insured person's property interests related to the insured civil liability for damage caused to third parties' property and / or health:
  • indemnification for the destruction or damage of a third party tangible property and / or the bodily injury (including death) of a third party;
  • as well as for non-pecuniary damage caused by personal injury;
  • beneficiary means a third party who has suffered damage.

Insurance cover

Insurance amount

Ticket cancellation insurance

200 €per event and during the entire period of insurance

Vehicle key loss insurance


300 €per event and during the entire period of insurance 

Personal civil liability insurance

1000 € per event and during the entire period of insurance

Report about  the insured event immediately, however not later than within 15 calendar days after the event:

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