Term deposit

You can increase available free funds by placing this term deposit for the selected period of up to 5 years and receiving a fixed annual interest.

Key terms

  • The minimum deposit amount is 100 euros, US dollars or British pounds.
  • The deposit contract term is from one week to 60 months (from 7 to 1 810 days).
  • Annual interest is calculated from the first to the penultimate day of the deposit term and can be paid in two ways:
       -     monthly;
       -     at maturity.
  • When entering into a deposit contract, you can immediately select the automatic extension of the contract for the same period by selecting one of the following extension methods: to extend:
       -     for the deposit amount;
       -     for the deposit amount together with interest (when the interest is paid at maturity).

 Deposit account during its validity period cannot be replenished


  •  It is a simple and convenient means to grow savings: over time they increase by a fixed rate annual interest.
  •  If the deposit is placed via the SB linija for one year or more, it is applied 0.10 per cent extra interest.
  •  Favourable saving period: it can be short and long.
  •  You can choose the automatic extension of the deposit.
  •  In some cases, in the bank branch, you can place and withdraw this deposit in cash without paying cash pay-in or pay-out fee.

Withdrawal of a part of the deposit without terminating the contract

Withdrawal of a part of the deposit without terminating the contract is impossible

Early termination of the deposit contract

  •  If the contract is terminated prior to maturity, subject to availability, funds are paid out immediately, but no later than within 14 calendar days.
  •  In this case, accrued interest is not paid, from the deposit already paid interest (if any) is deducted.
  •  The deposit is not considered to be prematurely terminated, if you apply to the bank within 7 calendar days of the contract extension.

Deposit contract can be entered into:

Deposit contract can be entered into by natural and legal persons (residents and non-residents). At entering, you just have to specify the desired deposit amount and have it in your deposit account on the funds reserving day. The contract shall enter into force on the day of entering and is valid until the date specified.

Contact phone tel. 1813 (when calling from abroad +370 37301337).

Term deposit with additional

The deposits and liabilities to investors in Šiaulių bankas AB are insured in the state company Deposit and Investment Insurance under the conditions set in the Law on Deposits and Liabilities to Investors Insurance. For more: