A Credit of Opportunities includes financing instruments adjusted for different needs


Šiaulių Bankas invites its private customers to take advantage of the exclusive facility A Credit of Opportunities during the period between 16 March and 18 September.  This is a package encompassing four different financing instruments such as a consumer credit of Šiaulių Bankas, vehicle leasing, a consumer credit of SB Lizingas and a credit card which, taking into account particular needs and possibilities, allows the customers to borrow at probably the most favourable terms in the market.

"Šiaulių Bankas has one of the widest ranges of financing solutions in the market and an especially large variety of leasing services.  After analysing the needs of population and figuring out what they usually borrow for we formed a flexible package of financing instruments that allows us  to offer the most relevant credit in the most appropriate form and at favourable terms", - says Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių Bankas, Head of Business Development Division Daiva Šorienė.

Using a consumer credit of Šiaulių Bankas, a consumer credit of SB Lizingas and a credit card, one may  borrow from 30 to 18 000 euros both for the shorter or longer period between 3 and 60 months. A vehicle leasing amount is not limited and a new car may be settled within 84 months. Each of these four instruments possesses some exceptional benefits which play an important role while choosing one of them according to one’s needs and repayment abilities.

For example, a consumer credit of Šiaulių Bankas is suitable to borrow for bigger purchases and expenses such as equipment of a flat or purchase of furniture.  A tangible advantage of the new or used vehicle leasing is a possibility to conclude a leasing agreement within 10 minutes.  Besides, if a leasing amount is less than 6000 euros, casco insurance is not obligatory and no restrictions are imposed on the vehicle production year.  For smaller needs and purchases we would recommend taking a consumer credit of SB Lizingas, which is a very popular and fast way to borrow.  For those who prefer travelling a credit card with a free insurance against accidents or travel insurance (depending on a card) would be worth acquiring.  The credit limit on the credit card account may be used to pay for purchases or to tackle other short-term financial needs which cannot be postponed.  If a credit limit is interest- free than repaying the used funds within 30 or 45 days (depending on a card), no interest would be charged.

The clients wishing to take advantage of any of these financing instruments may submit an inquiry on the bank's internet site or to visit the nearest customer service point  and they will be recommended to gain an instrument which would satisfy their needs at most.  Selecting the most appropriate instrument the bank shall consider the client's financial situation and other circumstances such as a period of time available for borrowing or a preferable period of repayment, a sufficient way of repayment, etc. 

More information on the offer is available on the site of Šiaulių Bankas at A Credit of Opportunities or shall be provided by
telephone   1813 (calling from abroad +370 37 301 337).