A Payment Card of Šiaulių bankas is both useful and convenient


Taking into consideration clients’ needs and expectations and having a purpose to encourage loyal clients Šiaulių bankas has entered into agreements with the hotel “SPA Vilnius” and traveling agency “Meandra”.

Since now the cardholders of Šiaulių bankas payment cards will have an exclusive chance to have a rest and travel cheaper. A company “Meandra” has been added to the list of the discounts applied to the clients and is to provide a 7 per cent discount to the cardholders. Making a settlement to the travel organizer “Meandra” with payment cards belonging to “Visa” and “MasterCard” groups, various tourism services both in Lithuania and abroad will be cheaper. The cardholders of the payment cards issued by Šiaulių bankas will also have an opportunity to pay less for the business trips organized by this agency as well as to participate in conferences and other events. Moreover, another benefit will be provided to those who are going to have a rest or to travel as they will not have to pay for the services using a payment card, actually, it will be enough just to show a “Visa” and “MasterCard” payment card and they will be granted with a special discount.
The clients of Šiaulių bankas will also be able to enjoy the resort of Druskininkai that is called the capital of beauty and health as well as services provided in 4-star hotel in more favourable conditions.
All the cardholders of “Visa” and “MasterCard” payment cards will be provided with a 7 per cent discount for the bed and breakfast at the hotel “SPA Vilnius” while a 5 per cent discount will be provided to other services such as various health improvement programmes, individual and prophylactic treatment, weight reduction, healthy living and weekend programmes. Discounts are applied only to a cardholder himself. A payment card has to be provided at once while checking in to the hotel.
It becomes more and more beneficial to possess a payment card of Šiaulių bankas. Increasing number of discounts applied to various services and products in the bank’s list provide a special feeling and help saving as well.
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