Beauty Queen’s visit to Šiaulių bankas


A winner of “Miss Lithuania” Jurgita Jurkutė who is to represent Lithuania in the “Miss World” beauty contest in autumn will leave possessing two payment cards of Šiaulių bankas.

After several months of the beauty marathon Šiaulių bankas has granted the major prize of the contest, i.e. a payment card Visa Classic with LTL 10 thou to “Miss Lithuania”. After arrival to the Head Office of Šiaulių bankas the titled beauty queen Jurgita Jurkutė mentioned that did not expect to receive a double prize - Šiaulių bankas gave an additional gift of prestigious Visa Gold  payment card with LTL 10 thou credit limit to the 22 year-old girl from Plungė who is currently studying in Vilnius.

“Focused on small and medium-sized business Šiaulių bankas always supports initiatives and those who pursue personal altitudes and foster spread of positive ideas. Participating in the worldwide beauty contest “Miss Lithuania” is also to disseminate good news about Lithuania, its people and to become the ambassador of the country. A concurring opinion of the viewers, commission and of the participants with regard to the winner only re-affirm that she was worth of this victory as well as our prize,”- said Algirdas Butkus, Chairman of the Board of Šiaulių bankas.

There were 15 finalists competing for the crown of “Miss Lithuania” and the prize of Šiaulių bankas in the beauty contest arranged after two-year break. However, the LNK television that organized the show had registered over 1000 candidates. Though success smiled at Jurgita Jurkutė who studies social work at Vilnius University. Visiting Šiaulių bankas the most beautiful girl of Lithuania mentioned that she had been engaged in professional model’s career since she turned fifteen. Being fluent in English and Russian and also studying Spanish the girls admits that she is aware of what a responsibility is to represent her entire nation, therefore she is planning to invest all LTL 10 thou that she has won into the further preparations for the next stage and challenges, i.e. for “Miss World” beauty contest.

The Chairman of the Board of Šiaulių bankas A.Butkus is granting the major prize of the contest, a payment card Visa Classic with LTL 10 thou, to “Miss Lithuania” J. Jurkutė.