Buying on a lease is more convenient with the new SB leasing card


“By introducing this service, we have considered the needs of modern customers, evaluating the convenience and simplicity. We combined into one service the consumer leasing and credit card advantages, so the new SB Lizingas card is like a consumer leasing service in the card”, said Head of SB Lizingas Mindaugas Valančius.

SB Lizingas card is more convenient for buying on lease because there is no need to conclude contracts for each commodity. Just conclude the contract once and buy desired goods using the card.

When purchasing with the help of a card, the card’s credit limit is simply used, and the covered credit can be used again. In addition, interest is calculated only on the used credit limit amount. Card credit limit ranges from EUR 300 to EUR 3000.

SB Lizingas card features excellent conditions: it is free, there is no monthly/annual contract management fees.

This card can be used to perform routine financial transactions: to pay for goods and services in stores and online as well as to pay during holidays abroad.

SB Lizingas credit card can be ordered in all customer service points of Šiaulių Bankas . For more information about the new credit card visit bank's website or