Changes in bank service rates


Dear Customers,

Please be informed that typical bank service rates for business and private customers are changing. Constantly reviewing its service rates, Šiaulių bankas aims to balance the pricing of services, to improve pricing transparency and clarity.

From 10 August 2015 new debit and credit payment card rates come into effect, and on 7 October existing bank account, transfer, cash transaction and check, credit, mortgaged property valuation and payment card rates will be changed.

Šiaulių bankas also revises currency trading procedures and times. From 10 August 2015 foreign currency will be bought and sold at the contractual rates set by Šiaulių bankas. Cash currency purchase and sale will take place in the bank offices during their working hours. From 7.30 am to 4.30 pm trade will be carried out at fixed and contractual rates, and after 4.30 pm only at fixed rates.