Changes in the Board of Siauliu bankas


A renewed Supervisory Council , the members of which had been selected during the general shareholders‘ meeting of Siauliu bankas held on March 29, 2012 started its work on Thursday. The Supervisory Council has decided to elect seven members to the Board of Siauliu bankas for the new 4-year tenure.

The Board of Siauliu bankas shall be further run by Algirdas Butkus. The Chief Executive Officer Audrius Žiugžda and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Head of Finance and Risk Management Division Donatas Savickas have been approved as the deputies of the Chairman of the Board. The members of the Board shall also include the Deputy CEO, Head of Siauliai region Daiva Kiburienė, the Chief Financial Officer , Head of Accounting and Reporting Division Vita Adomaitytė, the Head of Corporate Banking Division Vytautas Sinius. According to the resolution passed by the Supervisory Council,  Jonas Bartkus, the Head of IT Division, shall join the re-elected members of the previous Board. He has replaced the Head of Retail Banking Division Arūnas Užupis.

According to the Chairman of the Board of Siauliu bankas Algirdas Butkus, Arūnas Užupis has actively contributed to the successful structural changes that allowed the bank reaching its strategic goals, increasing the efficiency of the performance and strengthening the financial indicators. „Arūnas has shown the significant results, high competence and expertise. We are happy he had been working with us and feel grateful for his big contribution developing the bank‘s retail banking“, - said A. Butkus.

Arūnas Užupis shall finish his work at Siauliu bankas on April 10.

„I‘ve decided to focus all my attention to the family business and realization of the started ideas, in which my family strongly believes. The potential of the Retail Banking Division team at Siauliu bankas is really very big and it was very interesting working here, actually. I am sure that experience and competence gained by the employees will turn into a strong power allowing to continue started projects, maintain attention to the clientele and focus on the strategy of banking products and development of profitable performance. I‘m happy I‘ve had an opportunity to work with people who form a strong and remarkable team. I wish them creativity, success and many challenges that are interesting to overcome“, - said Arūnas Užupis.

As it was published earlier, the members of the Supervisory Council of Siauliu bankas elected for a new tenure are as follows: Arvydas Salda, Sigitas Baguckas, Vigintas Butkus, Gintaras Kateiva, Vytautas Junevičius, Peter Reiniger and an independent member Ramunė Zabulienė. During the first meeting the Supervisory Council has re-elected its Chairman  Arvydas Salda, while Sigitas Baguckas has been assigned to the position of the Deputy.