Deposit interest at Šiaulių bankas is increasing


Since November 4th of the current year Šiaulių bankas has increased the annual interest rates for the time deposits in litas, euros and USA dollars. Depending on the currency and deposit term, interest rates have increased by 0.1 - 0.7 percentage points. The time deposit term at Šiaulių bankas can be chosen between one week and five years.  

Šiaulių bankas pays 3.0 per cent of annual interest for the time deposits in litas placed for a one-year period. While the interest paid for the deposits in national currency placed for a 9-month period reaches 2.7 per cent and 2.5 per cent is paid for a half-year deposits.

Henceforth the higher interest shall be paid for those depositors who accumulate their savings in euros - they will receive 2.3 per cent, 3.0 per cent and 3.2 per cent for the time deposits placed for a six-month, one-year or two-year period respectively.

The interest paid for the time deposits in USA dollars has increased up to 2.1 per cent if the deposit is placed for a two-year period and up to 2.0 per cent in case of a one-year time deposit.

 „The operating results of three quarter clearly indicate the ascending trends of lending and deposit growth. We are satisfied with the opportunity to offer the higher deposit interest to our clients“, - says the Head of Retail Banking Division of Šiaulių bankas Arūnas Užupis.

Šiaulių bankas pays by 0.15 per cent higher interest for the time deposits placed via the bank’s e-banking system “SB linija” for the period longer than half a year in comparison to the interest paid for the deposits placed in the client service centres, while the interest higher by 0.1 per cent will be paid for the deposits placed via the Internet for the period shorter than half a year.

The precise deposit interest can be calculated using the calculator on Šiaulių bankas website by writing a deposit amount, term and currency.

All the deposits with Šiaulių bankas are insured by the state company „Deposit and Investment Insurance“.

We are pleased to remind that a time deposit campaign “Win a Chest with Gold Coins” in Šiaulių bankas lasts till 21 December 2011, the prize fund of which can reach even 100 thou litas. The bank accumulates a prize fund from its own resources - the fund  and the „Chest of golden coins“ are growing week by week. The bigger numbers of depositors place the deposit or extend it, the bigger amount is accumulated in the fund. The  main winner of the campaign shall receive a half of the total amount collected in the „Chest of golden coins“, while the remaining amount shall be distributed among extra prize-winners who will receive at least one hundred or even more „Sacks of gold coins“ of LTL 500 each. The number of the sacks will depend on the amount collected in the prize fund. The campaign winners will be found out right before the Christmas using the random computer selection method.