Insurance terms applied to the MasterCard Gold and Visa Gold are changing for the better


Šiaulių Bankas and Lithuanian branch of insurance company ERGO Insurance SE have concluded the travelling and money insurance agreements. Since 1 September 2015, the insurance terms applicable to the credit cards MasterCard Gold and Visa Gold issued by Šiaulių Bankas are changing - they become more favourable and include new types of insurance.

Good news is related to insurance of medical expenses as not only a card holder is subject to this type of  insurance  but also his/her spouse or partner who travel together as well as children, adopted and foster  children under 19 (or children up to 24 year old if they are full-time students). It is important that a number of family members is not limited. Insurance of medical expenses is valid all over the world except Belarus, Lithuania and a country of permanent residence (if a cardholder is not a resident of Lithuania). While insurance against accidents  is valid throughout the world, including Lithuania (except in cases of traumas).

Skiing and scuba diving enthusiasts should be especially pleasant with the positive amendments of the Gold card insurance terms. Earlier they had to purchase some additional insurance for this purpose. Since the beginning of September in Šiaulių Bankas the insurance of medical expenses as well as insurance against accidents will be valid while actively spending personal leisure time. “There are certain minor exceptions but insurance would not disappoint you terms on the whole. Besides, a new type of insurance, i.e. insurance of cash withdrawn from an ATM comes into force.  More benefits for the cardholders and exceptional insurance terms – this is what these chances are about", - says Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių Bankas, Head of Business Development Division Daiva Kiburienė.

New insurance terms apply to the existing holders of MasterCard Gold and Visa Gold of Šiaulių Bankas as well as to the new ones who will gain the MasterCard Gold cards.  We'd like to draw your attention that if an insurance event takes place before 31 August 2015 (inclusive) , you'll have to address insurance company  PZU Lietuva UAB. If an insurance event occurs after the above mentioned date then you will have to contact Lithuanian branch of insurance company ERGO Insurance SE or Euro-Center Prague (regarding insurance of medical expenses and repatriation).

More information on insurance terms is available on Tel for enquiry 1813, +370 37 301 337 (calling from abroad)