Interest for the deposits in litas is growing


Starting today, i.e. from January 28th, Šiaulių bankas increases interest for the time deposits, time deposits with the variable interest rate and for the long-term deposits in litas.

Since now 6.4 per cent of annual interest shall be paid for a one-year period time deposits in litas. While interest paid for the deposits placed in euros remains the same - 5.5 per cent.

You always have an opportunity to “increase” the annual deposit interest in Šiaulių bankas. The depositors, acquiring “Visa Electron” or “Maestro” payment card and placing a time deposit for one-year period, may receive by 0.2 per cent higher interest, i.e. 6.6. per cent. Those who manage their business affairs using e-banking services “SB linija” and place their deposit this way particularly, until January 31st shall receive by 0.2 per cent higher interest as well.

Two more campaigns are run in Šiaulių bankas until the end of January - the Christmas Deposit Campaign and “Deposit with Premium”.