Mobilizing forces to foster Lithuanian small and medium-sized business


Understanding and assessing importance of small and medium-sized business (SME) to the country's economy, the Lithuanian companies take their own initiatives which foster and help the entrepreneurs reveal their business potential.  The bank with the biggest share of Lithuanian capital - Šiaulių bankas focused on SME financing signed the cooperation agreement with the founders of service search and advertising system "" that started  operating on the Internet just a year ago and now is successfully growing. 

Šiaulių bankas alongside with "" system will allow young Lithuanian business to gain speed, to become stronger, more visible and easily accessed and will encourage it rendering high quality services. 

By signing the cooperation agreement the companies will seek to unify the representatives of the country's small and medium-sized business, individual entrepreneurs  starting their own businesses, to provide them with comprehensive information on such issues as business development, Internet marketing, financing and will participate in common projects. 

"We do care that the small entrepreneurs could efficiently advertise their business on the Internet while those who are looking for services would easily find well-prepared information, - says Daumantas Kirkutis, the founder of . 

"We believe in Lithuanian business and are ready to share our experience with the business starters, to assist creative and active business people to grow, expand their knowledge and to find the partners.  We suppose that the partnership with "" will be efficient assistance to many people dreaming of their own business", - says Daiva  Grikšienė, Director of Marketing and Communication Department of Šiaulių bankas.

 "Anyone can create a personal web page on the system “”  in just a few minutes, and thus, to start an efficient on-line advertising on ' and in the search system  Šiaulių bankas gives a creation of the first web page as a present to those who login to the system. 

The system "" currently has 2400 registered members. The quality standards have been passed by 1500 small entrepreneurs whose business is presented on the platform. 

About  „“

„“is a system that effectively and quickly promotes services provided by craftsmen, variety of specialists,  small businesses, workers and students  as well as goods produced by them. The system "" has been granted a loan under the project "Promotion of Entrepreneurship" supported  by the European Union (EU) with the guarantee of "Investment and Business Guarantees" UAB (INVEGA).

More information about the system is available on