Payment card campaign – take advantage of the possibilities


In December and January Šiaulių bankas is carrying out a payment card campaign.

During the campaign the clients who acquire “Visa Classic”, “Visa Gold”, “MasterCard Standard” and “MasterCard Gold” payment cards or decide to extend them will not be applied  a card servicing fee for the first year of the card validity. During the campaign they also will not have to pay for the credit limit granting or its increase over the credit limit period.

The clients who acquire “Visa Gold” and “MasterCard Gold” payment cards will additionally receive insurance abroad during a journey, i.e. they will be insured against medical, legal expenses, accidents, evacuation, repatriation, loss and delay of baggage, loss of money, delay of journey, change of documents and hijack during the journey.

The main account of the “Visa Classic” and “MaterCard Standard” can be granted with the credit limit up to LTL 7 000 (or equivalent in euros), “Visa Electron” and “MasterCard Gold” - with the credit limit LTL 20 000 (or equivalent in euros).

The payment card campaign lasts until January 31st 2010.