Payment cards of Šiaulių bankas are introduced


Payment card organization “Visa Europe” together with Šiaulių bankas as well as other 6 commercial banks of Lithuania introduces the first “Visa” Payment Card Exhibition in Europe.

Lithuania has been chosen not accidentally as this year it will turn 15 years since  “Visa Europe” has started operating in Lithuania. Šiaulių bankas is introducing five “Visa” payment cards such as “Visa Gold”, “Visa Business”, Visa Classic”, “Visa Electron” and “Visa Electron” with insurance in this exhibition.

Are you interested in payment card design? You would like to see payment cards issued by the Lithuanian banks in one place? You would like to get familiar with the most recent state-of-art technological payment solutions? Are you interested in playful and unaccustomed character of payment cards from Western Europe? “Visa” Payment Card Exhibition provides you with a unique opportunity to see it all in Lithuania.

The exhibition will be opened on April 19th and will last until May 3rd at the Museum of the Bank of Lithuania located on Totorių st. 2/8 Vilnius). Later the exhibition of  “Visa” Payment Card Exhibition will start traveling though Lithuania  - will inform you about exhibition openings in other towns of Lithuania.

You are welcome to see the exhibition.