Premiums to the authors of the best ideas


On September 1st - the Day of Education and Knowledge - two students of Šiauliai received payments cards with the incentive premiums of LTL 2000 from Šiaulių bankas for the best projects for Šiauliai city and business.

Šiaulių bankas has become the general sponsor of the contest “For the best project to Šiauliai city and business” for the third time already. This contest has been organized since 2005 by such institutions as Šiauliai Industrialists’ Association, Šiauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts which seek fostering the academic youth to think creatively, develop the self-entrepreneurship and to apply the theoretical knowledge practically.

The incentive premiums of LTL 2000 for the best projects for Šiauliai city and business this year have been granted to Evelina Gudavičiūtė, the student of Šiauliai College for the project “Increase of attractiveness of the recreational territories of waters of Šiauliai city” and to Gediminas Trijonis for the project “The most attractive employer if Šiauliai’2008” provided by AIESEC Lietuva Šiauliai branch.

“Šiaulių bankas, a partner for small and medium-sized business, fostering entrepreneurship encourages young people to search, create, find and implement their innovative advanced ideas which would be practical and useful for the city and its economy.Business needs creative, enthusiastic and prospective specialists with dare visions, original ideas and new point of view” - told Daiva Kiburienė, the Deputy CEO and Head of Corporate and Retail Banking Division, to students while granting the premiums.

13 students submitted their applications to participate in the contest “For the best project to Šiauliai city and business”.