Preparation for the euro adoption - an informative rubric on the euro issues as well as phone consultations to the bank’s clients


On 23 July 2014 the General Affairs Council of the European Union passed the final resolution regarding Lithuania's entry into the euro area - on 1 January 2015 Lithuania will become the 19th member state to adopt the euro. 

The EU Council has also passed a resolution approving the irrevocable rate for exchange of litas to euros, i.e. the national currency of Lithuania will be exchanged into euros under the rate set by the Bank of Lithuania in 2002 already  which relates litas to the single EU currency - LTL 3.45280 per euro.

In order to make the Bank's customers' access to all the information related to the introduction of the euro easier and more convenient there was a special  rubric created on the bank's internet site  "Euro adoption". The constantly updated rubric includes the recommendations prepared by the bank on how the private and corporate customers should prepare to the euro adoption - to make this process run smoothly a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section is being filled alongside with the  useful information about the euro banknotes and coins, etc.

The topical information with regard to the euro adoption is also provided by telephone. In case of any questions related to the services rendered by Šiaulių bankas, the clients can call at +370 800 10 007, while those who would like to receive a consultation on the euro adoption issues are welcomed to call at  +370 800 34 528.