Service Safe Family for Šiaulių bankas’ customers: life insurance on exceptional conditions


From 16 August 2016 Šiaulių bankas replenished its range of services with life risk insurance service Safe Family, which is provided to the bank’s customers on exceptional conditions by life insurance company Bonum Publicum UAB.

“When everything is going well, we tend not to think that it can be otherwise. However, this is the time to take prudent care of the financial situation of ourselves and our loved ones for the daunting situations, such as the death or injury. The new life insurance product for our customers allows to get insured in any units of Šiaulių bankas”, says Šiaulių bankas’ Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Head of Business Development Division, Daiva Šorienė.

After selecting the new service Safe Family, especially important for the main family breadwinners, Šiaulių bankas’ customers will be covered not only with life, but also with accidental injury insurance. So in the case of insured event, the insurance benefit would be a real financial support for the family in the case of death of the insured or for the insured person in the case of injury.

Importantly, monthly premiums of this dual protection insurance are low: the minimum monthly premium is about 6 euros, so such a possibility is affordable to most people. Monthly premiums vary according to the amount of insurance, customers can choose between EUR 5000, 7500 and 10000. Convenient is the fact that the bank's customers do not have to worry about payment of their monthly premiums, because by periodic transfers they will be debited from their account in Šiaulių bankas.

It should be noted that life insurance Safe Family is not intended to accumulate funds for the future: it provides financial protection in the cases of the most common risks. In addition, the life insurance company Bonum Publicum UAB will pay benefits after every insured event: under the circumstances described in Insurance Rules, if the insured person suffers injury several times a year, he/she will be paid several insurance benefits. This is the real financial support when it is most needed, and, having insured in due time, in the severe stage of life it is apparent that insurance is a prudent decision.

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