Šiaulių Bankas, marking the Europe’s Money Week, invites children for discussions based on the video reports on the bank's Facebook profile


During the Europe's Money Week, which is celebrated in Lithuania and other countries on 14–18 March and dedicated to children's financial education, Šiaulių Bankas invites children and youth to watch the video reports shot for this special purpose and published on the bank's Facebook profile, also, to ask the and discuss questions with the  bank's employees.

"Future well-being of our children is linked not only to how much they are going to earn but also to how rationally they are going to use the available funds, what financial decisions they  are going to make and what other instruments they are going to apply. Children begin to gain financial knowledge and skills very early simply observing how their parents and people around behave with their money . So, it is essential to start talking to our children on money matters as earlier as possible thus giving them opportunity to listen to the reasonable information and opportunity to try the financial instruments” - says Daiva Grikšienė, Director of Marketing and Communication Department of Šiaulių Bankas.

According to D. Grikšienė, children are extremely receptive to information and ready to absorb it, however, the most efficient way to make them interested and encourage to discuss the financial topics is to deliver playful information through the channels that are most interesting to young people, most acceptable to them and easily accessed. 

All the Europe's Money Week round Šiaulių Bankas is gong to publish one video report each day showing how two eleven-year-old girls are visiting the bank and talking to the bankers.  It is expected that the funny and smart girls' questions as well as bankers' answers will lead the young visitors of the bank's profile and their parents to active discussions, sharing the financial behaviour examples and receiving experts' responses in the social network environment.  

Šiaulių Bankas kindly invites children, young people and adults to visit the bank's Facebook profile at https://lt-lt.facebook.com/siauliubankas each day of he week, to watch the video reports and to talk about money management and saving issues.   

The Global Money Week in Lithuania is commemorated due to the Bank of Lithuania joining the organisation Child and Youth Finance International. Founded in 2011, the Organisation propagates the ideas of increasing financial literacy of young people and seeks that children, after graduating from secondary school, are capable of managing their finances and know how to treat money wisely.  This movement currently unites over 1,000 organisations in different countries. This year the global week’s motto invites:  ‘Take part.Save smart!’