Šiaulių bankas announces the campaign – deposit interest is paid at once


Šiaulių bankas announces the deposit campaign for the period from February 13th to March 1st 2009 when all the depositors placing time deposits can receive interest immediately.

The depositors, making the new time deposit agreements in the bank and expressing the wish, receive the interest paid for deposits at their disposal at once as it is transferred into the bank account immediately. Šiaulių bankas pays 10.3 per cent of the annual interest for one-year time deposits in litas, 8 per cent - in euros and 5 per cent - in US dollars. The attractive interest is paid not only for the longer period deposits but also for the shorter ones. 8.9 per cent of annual interest is paid in Šiaulių bankas for one-month time deposit in litas, 9.1 percent - for a three-month time deposit and 9.6 per cent for a six-month time deposit.

The mentioned conditions of the time deposit campaign are applied to both - natural and legal entities placing not less than LTL 300, EUR 100 and USD 100 in the form of time deposits. Upon the depositors’ request the time deposit agreements may be extended automatically.

In the light of approaching holidays take your interest at once and with love!