Šiaulių Bankas continues its tradition of granting a scholarship to the VMU students


Šiaulių Bankas has granted its nominal scholarships to already five students of Vilnius Magnus University (VMU). This spring, Šiaulių Bankas has granted this scholarship to Džiugas Pertuškevičius, future master in Marketing and International Commerce of the Faculty of Economy and Management.

The scholarship was granted by Adrija Paktienė, Director of Private Clients of Kaunas region of Šiaulių Bankas who was happy to come back to her Alma Mater with such a noble goal. "I am proud that Šiaulių Bankas fosters such a nice tradition to grant scholarships to the brightest university students for the three year in turn, - said A.Paktinenė during the meeting of the Rectors. - We are always pleased with and appreciate such students who strive for the best academic results being active and initiative members of the community at the same time - Džiugas is precisely such type of a student."

23 year old resident of Kaunas Džiugas Petruškevičius, student of the Faculty of Economy­ and Management, was surprised to find out about the scholarship granted by Šiaulių Bankas. 

"I've won such an award for the fist time in my life and it is a huge and very pleasant surprise. I am grateful and consider it as a meaningful encouragement to a young person to keep moving towards his targets.  I am going to use this scholarship to increase my scientific knowledge taking the second postgraduate course at the University of Ljubljana in Belgium."

The close partnership between Šiaulių Bankas  and VMU which started in 2013 currently has a goal of promoting   not only cooperation between these two institutions but also the process of science and business integration. A nominal scholarship of Šiaulių bankas is granted  for academic achievements and constant striving for improvement in the field of studies.