Šiaulių Bankas invites to sign leasing agreements with an electronic signature


From now on, the customers of Šiaulių Bankas can sign all leasing agreements by means of electronic signature. This will help saving time - it will no longer be required to visit the bank's unit to sign such agreements.

To sign an agreement with an e-signature, the customer must have a mobile e-signature, identity card with e-signature or e-signature stored in USB. "We do it for convenience of our customers and partners - leased car dealers.  Signing agreements with an electronic signature will be carried out conveniently through the modern ISIGN platform and will cost nothing for customers and partners", - says Director of Leasing Department of Šiaulių Bankas Mindaugas Vasiliauskas.

According to him, an electronic signature option is particularly relevant for business clients, most of all - for small and medium-sized enterprises that not always have time to come to the bank's unit. However, private customers can also sign leasing agreements by means of an electronic signature. Using e-signature documents will be signed faster and saving funds intended for printing and mailing documents.

"Employment of an electronic signature is consistent part of making banking processes more efficient. We are placing our processes on review and evaluate where we can be faster, more flexible and our services more user-friendly", - says Head of the Legal and Administration Division Živilė Skibarkienė.

E-signature is already being employed in other areas of the bank's activities - bank’s purchase agreements with suppliers are already signed by electronic means.