Šiaulių bankas is a long-lived partner of the “Sea Holiday”


Celebrated for seven decades already the “Sea Holiday” is an inseparable part not only of Klaipėda city but of the whole Lithuanian cultural life as well. Making its first steps in Klaipėda eleven years ago, at the moment Šiaulių bankas is a natural part of business community.

According to Sigita Kolakauskienė, Director of Klaipėdos branch of Šiaulių bankas, the bank has been supporting the “Sea Holiday” for many years, however, this year it has joined the team of golden supporters. Promoting the cultural life of Klaipėda city Šiaulių bankas is happy contributing to a present granted to all the dwellers and guests of Klaipėda.
Overflowing number of the events held in the “Sea Holiday” will impress the participants by their variety and topics. During one of the events the public organization “International Cultural and Art Centre” arranges an international sand sculpture festival on the John’s hill where 10 teams consisting of professional sculptors from various countries are to participate. The visitors of the sand sculpture exhibition will be impressed by surprising and unique compositions from sand and water. You will be able to observe an unexpected presentation of the logo of Šiaulių bankas. Previously being imprinted on paper, made of fabric, glass and metal this time it will be formed from the sand. The logo of Šiaulių bankas in a new shape as well as other sand art works will be available for review until the ends of the summer season - until 19th of August.
The sculptures will be evaluated by the famous people of Klaipėda known in the field of art and culture as well as by professional sculptors. The exhibits will be exposed to all the dwellers of Klaipėda city and its guests as well.
Šiaulių bankas congratulates all the inhabitants of Klaipėda and its guests with the magnificent traditional “Sea Holiday” and wishes a favourable wind all year round!