Šiaulių bankas is changing interest rates and maturity of deposits


Since 1 March this year Šiaulių bankas is extending the maturity of Time deposit up to 5 years. Šiaulių bankas will pay 3.7 per cent annual interest for five-year Time deposits in Litas to depositors, for deposits of the same maturity in Euro - 3.5 per cent, while for the deposits in US dollars - 2.5 per cent. Interest can be paid each month or on the last day of the deposit maturity.

Šiaulių bankas suggests other alternatives for those wishing to save money and reminds that interest of deposits in the Bank depend not only on the maturity of the deposit agreement. For Time deposits placed via SB linija, which maturity is longer than 6 months, 0.15 per cent higher interest is applied, whereas, for the deposits which maturity is shorter than 6 months  - by 0.1 per cent higher interest.  By 0.1 per cent higher annual interest is also applied for those depositors, who by placing Time deposits acquire Visa Electron and Maestro payment cards.

All deposits held with the Bank are insured in the State Undertaking “The Insurance of Deposits and Investments”. Depositors wishing to know interest rates on Time deposits may calculate it by using Time Deposit Interest Calculator.