Šiaulių Bankas is changing its pricing: now more services are rendered at a lower price


Šiaulių Bankas introduces new service plans Traditional, Modern, Maximum and For the Youth to private clients. New service plans consist of the service kits developed in accordance with the clients' needs and in order to allow the clients to use more banking service at a lower price.

"We see that more and more customers prefer having simpler pricing of their daily finances - they want to understand how much they pay per month for the basic banking services. We have developed the new service packages that are intended to people with  different financial needs and habits whom we have distinguished into three main groups", - said Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Head of Business Development Division Daiva Šorienė. 

The service plan Traditional has been created to the major part of the clients who handle their daily finances combining various means of payment: they use payment cards, cash, pay for goods and services on-line. The clients who select this service plan will be able to withdraw 1000 euros per month free of charge, make free SEPA credit transfers and execute payment transactions.  Besides, for the bank's loyal customers and the seniors from 65 years of age the service plan Traditional will cost only 0.60 euro per month.

The number of clients who execute their transfers on-line is increasing. The service plan Modern was developed to meet their needs at most (0.9 euro/month). These clients use payment cards only for settlements for goods in the trading venues and on-line while cash withdrawal service is used by them very rarely. Usually such kind of modern life style is cultivated by the young people.

Still a significant proportion of customers tend to pay in cash and the service plan Maximum (3.2 euro/month) would meet their needs best. In addition to all standard daily services included into this service plan we have offered these clients to withdraw 2000 euros per months from the ATMs free of charge not limiting the number of the operations.

A special plan called For the Youth has been created for the children and youth under 22 allowing them to withdraw  200 euros per month from the ATMs free of charge, execute free SEPA credit transfers and payment transactions. 

The bank’s service plans can be ordered via on-line banking system SB Linija or in any customer service point of Šiaulių Bankas.

Click here for more information and in order to select the most appropriate plan for You: goo.gl/MtaVkU