Šiaulių bankas is issuing a new bond issue of EUR 10 million


On June 22nd this year Šiaulių bankas starts dissemination of one-year discounted bond issue in the amount of EUR 10 million under the program of non-equity securities in the amount of LTL 100 million of Šiaulių bankas AB, the base prospectus of which approved by the Securities Commission of the Republic of Lithuania on 11-02-2009.

The bank shall pay 7,8 per cent of annual interest for those securities issued in euros.

It will be possible to acquire the disseminated bonds until July 10th this year. The minimum number of bonds, which could be acquired by one investor, is 10 units, the biggest - 100 000 units. The nominal value per bond - 100 euros. Those debt securities disseminated by Šiaulių bankas will become effective on July 10th 2009 and will be redeemed on July 15th 2010. The bonds will be distributed at the discounted price and redeemed at their nominal value.

“Bonds with the fixed interest rate are one of the most reliable types of securities, when the investor is aware when and what amount of funds he will receive back after the maturity period. A 7,8 percent discount rate is applied during the issue dissemination period, i.e. the earlier a customer acquires the securities, the less it will pay for them”, - said the Director of Securities Trading Department of Šiaulių bankas Rimantas Januševičius.
In compliane with the issue terms approved by the Bank’s Board, the bank is planning to list those bonds on NASDAQ OMX Vilnius stock exchange enrolling them into debt securities list.

The bonds of Šiaulių bankas are distributed in the bank’s head office in the Securities Trading Department under the Treasury Department (room 203, Tilžės srt. 149, Šiauliai) and every outlet of Šiaulių bankas during the business days between 7.30-11.30 am and12.30-04.30  pm. The bond issue terms are available on the bank’s website or could be provided by the telephone +370 41 595 654, 595 608, 500 709.