ŠIAULIŲ BANKAS offers to take a fresh look at saving


Šiaulių Bankas presents updated saving service basket: depending on the needs of saving at a certain period of life, the saving measures offered by the bank are divided into three tiers: accumulation, growing and employment  of savings.

In every stage of life, people’s saving goals and opportunities are different. First of all, it is necessary to take care of the savings for financial security in the unexpected situations and ensure the stability for the children and own future. After saving some financial basis, it is useful to grow the value of savings, receiving for them a stable annual interest. Later, when you have enough savings, the free financial resources may be useful to employ by investing them according to the desired duration of the investment, return and risk tolerance.

Saving measures, grouped according to the following important goals for most people, are offered by Šiaulių Bankas on its updated website under Interested in Saving, which usually presents three funds accumulation tiers:

  • To accumulate savings, periodic accrual measures: cumulative savings deposit and child deposit and for long-term savings - the accumulation in the private pension II and III pillar pension funds are offered;
  • For those seeking to grow the value of savings, there are term deposits. Among them there is the new fixed-term deposit PLUS, which benefits higher fixed annual interest rates than those currently prevailing in the market. When you place this deposit for 6 months to 5 years, private customers are given the possibility, in exceptional circumstances of life, to withdraw a part of deposit funds without losing accrued interest;
  • For those seeking to employ free funds, the investment instruments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) are offered. Experienced and licensed financial advisors of Šiaulių Bankas help the customers in choosing the most appropriate means to achieve the objectives.

Šiaulių Bankas expects that these innovations will help customers to better understand the potential of saving and stimulate to simply and conveniently take care of the savings for the variety of life situations.

The proposed deposit annual interest rates, which shall apply for the renewed deposits placed after 22 May for the customers are available at Šiaulių Bankas website under Deposit interest rates.