Šiaulių bankas participates in the project “BendraSaskaita.lt” (JointAccount)


Šiaulių bankas has joined an optimized tax payment system “BendraSaskaita.lt” which is being developed in Kaunas.

“We are joining a proactive and up-to-date project, which hopefully shall enable the inhabitants of Kaunas to save not only their funds but also the precious time while settling their utility bills and paying for other services”, - says Daiva Grikšienė, Director of Marketing and Public Relations Department of Šiaulių bankas that has joined the project.

The inhabitants of Kaunas will be able to settle their “Joint Account” in the outlets of Šiaulių bankas as well as on the Internet banking system “SB linija”.

“The interest of the Kaunas’ residents in the project is increasing and each day is bringing a bigger number of the users who have chosen a “Joint Account” service. We are doing our best to make the offered payment system as convenient to a customer as possible; therefore we are regularly increasing the number of settlement places. This is well evidenced by the seventh commercial bank of Lithuania joining our project,” - says the General Director of the company “Aservis” that develops the “Joint Account” project.

According to the estimations of the project’s organizers one household in Kaunas receives up to 10 bills per month the settlement of which in the payment office costs from LTL 1 to LTL 4 per unit. With the new tax collection system the inhabitants will be able to save up to LTL 30 monthly. Payments of utility and other services through the “Joint Account” will help Kaunas’ inhabitants saving up to LTL 12 million annually.

In the “Joint Account” the citizens may settle their bills provided for the services of the following companies: UAB „Kauno vandenys“, UAB „Namų priežiūros centras“, UAB „Kauno švara“, UAB „Mikrovisata“, UAB „Init“, AB „City service“, UAB „Žaidas“, VšĮ „Teleradijo kompanija Hansa“.

It is projected to develop the analogical tax settlement system in other biggest cities of Lithuania until 2009.