Šiaulių bankas provides funding for equipment of a modern wood processing manufactory in Radviliškis


Šiaulių bankas has granted a loan of LTL 30.7 million to the company "Juodeliai".  The company located in Marijampolė is expanding its activities all over Lithuania  and those funds which are granted by the bank will be assigned to equip  a modern, cut wood processing manufacture in Radviliškis which does not have any analogues in terms of production infrastructure either in Baltic states or in Poland.

"Providing funding to a new production line at "Juodeliai“ as well as purchase of all necessary equipment we allow the company to increase the scope of its production faster, to react to market changes more rapidly, to complete the customers' order more expediently, as well as to improve and implement modern processes in the wood sector.  We are especially glad that ten more work places will be created and the company's development will certainly improve the situation of employment of the inhabitants in Radviliškis region", - says Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių bankas, Head of Business Development Division Daiva Kiburienė.

It is planned that more than 90 employees will be working in the wood processing manufacture which belongs to the company "Juodeliai" in Radviliškis .  More than 70 work places have been already created there at the moment.

Production at the manufactory occupying nearly 8 hectares of land is completely modernized - the cutting process is controlled by a computer systems providing the most accurate measurements for the production of wooden pallets' products   and ensuring the impeccable quality wood products.

"The production unit of wood cutting manufacture located in Radviliškis is one of the small number of workshops in Europe with such a modern computer programme and special equipment purchased from the German  producers counting their traditions for hundreds of years which allows producing the  high - quality pallets of wood, - says Andrius Zimnickas, Director General of UAB „Juodeliai“ . - After implementation of the above-mentioned project the volume of our company's production should double".

The company producing the biggest number of pallets' products to the European countries received LTL 4 million aid from the Lithuanian Business Support Agency under the programme "Invest LT - 2" of the European Union. A credit repayment guarantee to ensure the construction credit has been provided by „Investicijų ir verslo garantijos“  UAB (Investment and Business Guarantees).