Starting September 13th, changes for Šiaulių bankas‘ PIN card users are taking effect


This year, on September 14th, regulation 2018/389 from European parliament and council, supplementing directive 2015/2366 of strict confirmation of customer authentication and technical regulatory standards for secure open communication standards, will become effective.

Šiaulių Bankas, taking into account customers' needs and habits, is not planning on relinquishing PIN code cards, however, in accordance to the new reglament, the authorization and confirmation process has updated with a code, that will be sent to a customer on their mobile phone by short SMS text message.

You will not need to sign the transaction for transfers between your accounts and for currency exchange.

This is how the process of logging in to internet bank will look like from September 13th, when choosing to log-in with PIN code card:

Process on confirming operations from September 13th, after choosing PIN code card:

We encourage you to check, whether the Bank has your correct registered phone number that you will receive the additional code through SMS text message. To update your phone number, go to your internet bank account, select Settings >>Update contact number. If you cannot update your contact phone number, please visit the closest bank‘s outlet, a list can be found here.

Without designating accurate phone number, you will be unable to transfer funds into other Šiaulių Bankas‘ accounts, or other bank accounts in Lithuania and other countries. To confirm operations, you can use other methods of security: PIN generator, mobile electronic signature, or Smart-ID.

We remind, that all the authorization and confirmation methods, supplied by Šiaulių Bankas, are secure, and you can choose the method that fits you the most.

If you have any questions, call phone 1813 (or +370 37 301 337 if you are not in Lithuania), e-mail, or visit any Šiaulių Bankas‘ bank outlet.

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