Stay Alert: 3 Rules for Protecting Confidential Information


With the recent activeness of financial fraudsters, we are calling for attention to the confidential information cybersecurity. Though fraudsters are becoming more and more intelligent taking care of your security is easy if you keep following the following elementary rules:

1. TELEPHONE CALLS Representatives of the Bank do not request to provide confidential information by telephone. If you receive a call from a person who represents himself as a bank representative or a police officer, never tell him your personal identification number, account number, on-line banking or bank card information.

2. E-MAILS If you receive a suspicious email  with the request to disclose confidential information, do not open the links in the message, do not enter or send your personal, account, on-line banking, card information.
Often fraudsters send fake e-mails, letters that are usually written in the incorrect Lithuanian language with grammatical errors, and links in the message usually direct to fake bank websites.

3. ON-LINE BANKING When connecting to the SB Linija, before entering the login name and other information provided to You by the bank always make sure that the website address is . If You cannot see this address, it is likely that you have reached a fake site.

If you suspect that you got in traps of financial fraudsters, we kindly ask You to act responsibly  and report it to the bank via e-mai to  or by  phone 1813 (+370 37 301 337 when calling from abroad).

Stay Alert!

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