The Base Prospectus of Non-equity Securities of Šiaulių bankas has been approved


The Securities Commission approved the Base Prospectus of Non-equity Securities in the amount of LTL 100 000 000 of Šiaulių bankas during the meeting dated 11-02-2009.

In accordance with the securities issue programme presented in the prospectus Šiaulių bankas will be able to issue fixed interest and variable interest bonds, zero coupon bonds and debt securities, the interest of which would be related to changes of other financial instruments value, within one-year period after the confirmation of prospectus. The securities issued under this programme will be distributed publicly. It is projected to issue securities with the maturity period from one month to five years. The parameters of the issues will be specified in the terms of final offer of each issue.
“Having the prepared programme, the bank will be able to react to the changes in the financial markets rapidly and to gain monetary resources through the securities issues at the market price”, - said Director of the Treasury Department of Šiaulių bankas Pranas Gedgaudas.

All the investors may get familiar with the approved base prospectus in the Treasury Department of Šiaulių bankas (Tilžės str. 149, Šiauliai). The document will be also placed on the bank’s website and on NASDAQ OMX Vilnius website

Šiaulių bankas’ shares are quoted on the Main List NASDAQ OMX Vilnius while one bank’s bond issue denominated in euros, which is to be redeemed in May this year, is on the List of Debt Securities.