The credit of Šiaulių bankas for the development of the Svencelės project


Šiaulių bankas together with “Svencelės sala” UAB are increasing popularity of kiteborading and windsurfing through implementation of the investment project. “The Village of Kites”, to which Šiaulių bankas granted a credit in the amount of LTL 750 thou for the four-year period, is being established on the shore of Curonian Lagoon in Klaipėda region.

The mentioned funds will enable to expand the resort Svencelė which is appreciated by the enthusiasts of the extreme water sports, to adjust quay to water tourism and to create the entire infrastructure necessary for leisure and entertainment. While expanding the kiteborading and windsurfing base the marine style dwelling houses-containers with terraces, camping, parking lots for cars and trailers, showers, WC, laundry, outdoor  washrooms, terrace to watch the kiteborading race are being built there as well as the mechanic substitute of wind “wake park”.  The Svencelė’s spot started rendering accommodation, catering, entertainment and other services this summer already.

“We like the vision of this project - the “Svencelės sala” creates the dynamic territory that can be easily adjusted to the tourism and extreme water sports and which, due to its good geographic location and favourable winds, will attract the visitors not only from Lithuania but also from abroad. We are eager to assist the initiative people to create an exceptional high level centre of active tourism and a marvellous place for having rest in Western Lithuania”, - says Gražvydas Šimkus, the Head of Klaipėda region of Šiaulių bankas.

To satisfy the needs of visitors the stores offering to purchase or rent kiteborads and other necessary equipment  are working within the territory, they also are rendering the services of water facilities’ repair. Those who wish to have a rest can enjoy the café’s environment and the colourful kites retraining the wind.

“Svencelė has already become the centre of kiteboarding fans. The credit granted by Šiaulių bankas will allow implementing the main goal of our project - to become the most popular centre of attraction. We have invested more than a million litas into the present project, however, we are not planning to stop - taking into consideration the needs of the holidaymakers we are to expand the infrastructure further , - says the co-owner of the undertaking “Svencelės sala” Dainius Šatkus. According the businessman they have finally succeed to create a real oasis for kiteboarders and surfers, where they can receive a full package of services -  from accommodation to an instructor. It would be difficult to find the better and safer place for the water sports enthusiasts.

Svencelė is one of the most popular sailing spots in Lithuania. Prevailing western winds and smooth water are especially favourable to the fans of kiteboarding and windsurfing.  In high season on windy days around  50 -200 lovers of such active leisure gather in Svencelė.

At the end of June 2012, the loan portfolio of Šiaulių bankas  reached LTL 2,1 billion. The Bank’s assets comprised LTL 2,8 billion at the end of first-half year of 2012.