The enterprise that took the maximum advantage


“Firidas” UAB has been recogniced as “The enterprise that took the maximum advantage of the financial support provided to small and medium-sized business by the state and European Union” in 2007. This nomination has been established by Šiaulių bankas that is a partner for small and medium-sized business as well as a member of Lithuanian Business Employers’ Confederation (LBEC).

An original Šiaulių bankas’ statuette and diploma were granted to the printing-house “Firidas” during the honourable ceremony held after the contest “The best representative for small and medium-sized business 2007” arranged by   Lithuanian Business Employers’ Confederation. A huge cake dedicated for the whole personnel was brought to “Firidas” office on the next day as well.

“One of the most important elements of success in business is information as well as ability to use it properly. Those, who are able to follow the information and to invoke it for personal needs, are a step ahead,” - said the Deputy CEO of Šiaulių bankas Viktoras Budraitis.

The company “Firidas” received recognition after taking the advantage of the guarantee granted to credits by “Investment and Business Guarantees” UAB (INVEGA) and receiving subsidies for interest and guarantee fee. Besides, earlier this company had a credit from the credit line granted to Šiaulių bankas by the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) allocated to foster women’s business and employment. According to V.Budraitis, it is gratifying to know that these funds have been rationally used investing them into innovative solutions as well as into instalment of technologies reducing the level of pollution.

Organized for the fifth time and already traditional LBEC contest brought a double success to the printing-house “Firidas” as the Chairperson of the Company’s Board Erika Furman has been awarded with another contest nomination - “A businesswoman with the most significant achievements in business and social activities”.
For almost sixteen years already Šiaulių bankas has been seeking to create a favourable environment to small and medium-sized business and leading small companies to a big business which enables it growing with them on an even keel.