The former clients of Ūkio bankas will be able further using the securities trading platform on the „Eta bankas“


Šiaulių bankas has resumed the possibility of the former Ūkio bankas’ clients to trade in shares of the Baltic state enterprises on real time using the securities trading platform on the „Eta bankas“.

Šiaulių bankas shall constantly develop and supplement with the new functions the mentioned taken-over platform which currently belongs to it.

All the former clients of Ūkio bankas who have access to the e-banking system “Eta bankas” and previously used to trade on the securities trading platform will find the entire securities portfolio earlier kept in Ūkio bankas. These clients do not have to carry on any actions related to the transfer of portfolio - the portfolio is transferred from Ūkio bankas free of charge.

The functions rendered on the platform remained unchanged - the same as earlier the clients can submit the orders, make an urgent submission, can observe the status of the order and the structure of the portfolio, the history of orders, can transfer the funds to the accounts for transactions with securities from their accounts with Šiaulių bankas and from other banks as well.

If the clients have access to e-banking system “Eta bankas”, however, have not concluded the Investment service provision agreements, they can do it on the “Eta bankas” bankas menu section “Investments”. On the same menu section the clients can update their agreements.

We kindly remind that as it was announced earlier the securities issued by Ūkio bankas and units of Ūkio bankas investment funds have not been transferred to Šiaulių bankas.
We wish successful investment to the clients and invite to use the securities trading platform of Šiaulių bankas while trading in shares of the Baltic state enterprises.