The funds will reach Šiaulių Bankas clients in a few moments


Šiaulių Bankas joins the system of instant payments in euro - from now on the money sent from other banks will reach the accounts of Šiaulių Bankas customers in a few seconds.

It will be possible to execute instant payments  from other banks operating in the European Union or European Economic Area sates. An important precondition for receiving such payment is that the sender's bank must send this type of credit transfers and the amount cannot exceed  EUR 15 thousand. Instant payments will be made 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.

“Until now, instant transfers were made only by transferring funds between accounts with Šiaulių bankas, and transfers between banks in euro (SEPA) have been executed only  on business days and usually take several hours. In the case of instant transfers, the funds will reach the account in less than 10 seconds, therefore one will not have to wait a few hours or for the next business day” - says the Head of Service Development Division of Šiaulių Bankas Mindaugas Rudys.

Instant payments possibility occured after Šiaulių Bankas has joined the payment system CENTROlink managed by the Bank of Lithuania, which is linked to the European Banking Association's instant clearing system RT1. Currently, instant payments in Lithuania are also received and sent by SEB, Swedbank and Paysera.

The possibility for customers to make instant payments to the accounts of other banks will be offered by Šiaulių Bankas this year after the testing phase is completed.