The Klaipėda Branch of Šiaulių bankas is moving to the new premises and granting higher deposit interest to its clients


In this autumn the Klaipėda Branch of Šiaulių bankas is living in the housewarming mood - the part of the employees has already moved to the new premises of the Brach located on the crossing of Taikos and Baltijos prospects. The outlet of the bank is sharing its pleasant housewarming mood with the clients. During the period between October 22 and November 30 the deposit campaign is launched in this outlet of the bank, i.e. all the new time deposits concluded for the 6-month or longer period shall be entitled to the 0.2 per cent higher interest.

Currently only the part of client service managers are working in the new premises. It is planned that by the end of this year all the rest of the outlet’s employees will have been moved to Taikos prospects from S.Nėries street where was the previous location of the Klaipėdos branch.

“The number of our clients is growing, therefore we need more space for their servicing, - says Gražvydas Šimkus, the Director of Klaipėdos Branch. - More convenient and spacious premises with modern working places will allow us operating more comfortable and, thus, providing better quality of services to the clients. We are sure that our clients will appreciate the cosiness of the geographically well-located outlet and gradually will handle all their financial affairs here”.

Arriving to the Klaipėdos Branch located in the building “Lietuvos draudimas” on Taikos pr.66 the clients will be able to handle all their financial issues, i.e. to open a bank account, settle the bills, gain a payment card, place deposits, exchange currency, etc. on each business days between 9.00 am and 6.00 pm (until 5.00 on Fridays). The representative office of the bank’s subsidiary “Šiaulių banko lizingas” UAB has also moved to these premises since October.

In 2012 Šiaulių bankas has opened two new outlets -  in June the bank’s outlet was opened in the old town of Kaunas at Rotuses square, in July the client service centre has started operating at the trading and entertainment centre “Saulės miestas” in Šiauliai. Currently Šiaulių bankas runs 54 outlets throughout Lithuania.