The Spring Deposit Campaign


Šiaulių bankas announces the Spring Deposit Campaign between April 20th and May 20th 2009, during which the interest applied to the deposits is even up to 2.35 per cent higher depending on the term.

The annual interest paid by Šiaulių bankas for one-year deposits in litas reaches 9.9 per cent; in euros - 8 per cent, in USD dollars - 4.4 per cent. During the campaign the depositors are entitled to much bigger interest applied to the one-month time deposits, i.e. in litas  - 9.15 per cent, in euros - 7.15 per cent. The bank pays 9.35 per cent for three-month time deposits in litas, 9.5 per cent - for six-month deposits and 9.6 per cent - for nine-month deposits.

The depositors who prefer handling the finances via the Internet can receive the interest, which is by 0.2 higher. Thus, placing the time deposit for one-year period via the Internet banking system “SB linija”, the interest grows up to 10.1 per cent. Those depositors who place the time deposit with the payment card are also entitled to 0.2 per cent higher interest.

The higher interest rate is applied to the longer period deposits. Šiaulių bankas pays 10.5 per cent for the five-year time deposit with the variable interest rate in litas, 8.6 per cent  - in euros. The annual interest rate of the Child’s deposit in litas  reaches 10.2 per cent and 8.3 per cent in euros.

Let the spring deposit interest bring more fun to your home!