The winner of the Grand prize of the deposit campaign is happy with the unexpected holiday present


For 50 years  residing in Seredžius village in Jurbarkas region, which is well-known not only for its natural beauty  but also for its rich historical legend-braided past, Vytautas Pečiukėnas has not even suspected that this Christmas will be so generous to him - the senior has won the Grand prize of the time deposit campaign launched by Šiaulių bankas.

"This is such a big surprise to me as I have never thought of winning anything. Neither I believe in lotteries nor have I won any prizes. Though, long ago, in soviet times I had to acquire some government bonds and, thus, participate in the lottery, so once I was lucky to win 500 roubles - V. Pečiukėnas, 83, the winner of the campaign shared his memories. - News about the prize is a marvellous Christmas present to my children and grandchildren who, as a tradition, visit me on Christmas Eve and at Christmas".

While meeting the representative of Šiaulių bankas during the prize granting ceremony V. Pečiukėnas did not hide his joy for the received prize and, though, he stated that he had no idea how he was going to use this gaining yet, but he was sure that he would not let it go to waste.  

The winner was sincerely sharing the story of his life. Born and raised in Panevėžys region he graduated from Panevėžys Boy Gymnasium and was intending to study in Kaunas, however, the political situation directed otherwise at that time.  He was not able to seek a high education as he parents were farmers and his father was taking a position of the head of the district for some time while the father's brother and his wife were exiled to Yakutia.

According to V.Pečiukėnas then he started his working career. In 1950 he began working in various reclamation companies in Kaunas, Jurbarkas, and Seredžius where he had worked until the very retirement.  In his spare time the man loves working his small kitchen-garden, where he carefully cultivates vegetables and fruits.

Vytautas's family raised a son and two daughters and today he enjoys attention of his five grandchildren.  The client of Šiaulių bankas is especially pleased that his grandchildren are seeking a high education and doing well.  "Everyone is learning - the oldest granddaughter has just graduated, defended her thesis, while the youngest one is the first-year student at the University of Vilnius." The winner of the Grand prize of the deposit campaign is also happy about the fact that his family has not been touched by emigration - neither his children nor grandchildren have scattered over the wild world, they live, work and study here, in Lithuania.  
Šiaulių bankas sincerely congratulates Vytautas Pečiukėnas on winning the Grand prize!

Congratulation to 200 winners of the additional prizes of the deposit campaign "Win the Chest of Golden Coins" as well.

V. Pečiukėnas, the winner of the Grand prize of the deposit campaign "Win the Chest of Golden Coins" congratulated by Giedrė Stulginskienė, Director of Tauragė CSC and Dainius Rekevičius, Project Manager of Jurbarkas CSB.