Updated General Rules of Šiaulių Bankas Services Come into Effect


Dear clients,

Please be informed regarding update of the General Rules for Provision of Services of Šiaulių Bankas (hereinafter - the General Rules) which are an integral part of Your agreements concluded with Šiaulių Bankas and of other services rendered when such agreements are not required.

The new version of the General Rules shall enter into force from 5 May 2016. For existing clients it will be applied from 4 July 2016.

Major changes in the General Rules are related to the electronic signature (landline and mobile) introduced in the bank, as well as to the new electronic means, such as a mobile bank applet, and new services - leasing and securities trading – providing systems. The updated rules clearly define these measures and use of the services.

We draw your attention to other important aspects of updating the General Rules:

  • In order to promptly serve the clients, it was decided to reduce volumes of the credit contracts signed by the clients. Therefore, the general conditions such as confidentiality, personal data protection, bank secrecy, reporting methods, claims handling, etc., from standard contracts are transferred into separate documents (including the General Rules), which shall be made public and shall be valid and applicable to clients, while they are not signed.
  • Adjustment of the items of General Rules, on the basis of which the bank considers client claims and complaints will let to respond to clients promptly and with clearer arguments and to eliminate the misunderstandings.
  • In the course of updating of the General Rules, their compliance with the relevant legal act requirements was revised, necessary corrections were made.

You are welcome to full access to the updated General Rules:


Please note that if the amendments of the General Rules are unacceptable for you, you are entitled to, before the day of their application to you, immediately and free of charge cancel the service contracts entered into by you with Šiaulių Bankas. Please note that in this case your obligations to the bank under the terminated contracts must be properly fulfilled. Without your notice of disagreement with the changes in the General Rules, we will assume that you agree with them.

Šiaulių Bankas AB